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What will the weather be like in Grän?

Mostly better than expected!

Hotel Sonnenhof

For some years now, the following scenario has been repeated very often: Guests of our accommodation in the Tannheim valley tell us that the weather in Grän is very badly forecast for their booked holidays. They have seen that on one of the numerous apps on their smartphones. However, if guests do arrive, more often than not, these predictions usually turn out to be wrong during their holiday. Our guests are then astonished because it does not rain at all or perhaps, only briefly. Due to many years of experience, we suggest that you don’t make your booking depending on a weather app. The weather in the Alps is subject to its own laws. Often it looks quite different a few kilometres away. Apps are not able to capture this dynamic and therefore usually show rainy weather all day long even at the slightest sign of shower. If it does rain longer, you can test whether your high-quality outdoor clothing was really worth the money or/and snuggle up comfortably with us, read your favourite book, and relax in the wellness area.

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Enjoy nature – In every weather at Lake Halden

In the most beautiful hiking region of Austria

Experience the diversity of nature and discover the region on foot or by bike. On particularly hot days, Lake Halden is perfect for a refreshing cooling effect. In winter, snowshoe tours, experiences on the slopes, and romantic walks await you. Those seeking relaxation can find exactly what they are looking for in all seasons at our wellness hotel in the Tannheim valley: relaxation, peace, enjoyment, and new energy. What are you waiting for? Visit us in the Tannheim valley, we can create a unique holiday experience for you!

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Tank up energy? Good as gold!
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